A Valentine for Those in the Business of Celebrating Love

On Valentine’s Day a year ago, life still seemed reasonably normal. Couples got engaged with stars in their eyes but had no idea that planning their wedding would be a unique challenge.

It has been a tough year for small business owners, and even more when you’re in the ‘Celebrating Love’ business. The go-to warm-fuzzies like love, hope, and optimism have been a stretch for everyone on some days. You’ve felt the impact, and so have we.

Today we want to send a heart full of love to all our loyal Finao partners. You’re amazing people – creative, caring, resilient, and funny. We can’t wait until the swell of delayed and postponed weddings puts your feet back on solid ground with a little of the good life. Now and every day, we are here to partner with you and support you wherever we can. A 2021 priority for us is to show off your talents wherever we can. If you succeed, so do we.

A second Valentine goes to new customers trying Finao for the first time or old friends returning after working with other vendors. Email or call, and let’s brainstorm about what we can do to help your studio shine. We are not a one size fits all company, to order like Amazon. We excel at personalized options and customization, so why not take advantage of how those can make you stand out from your competition?

And our third Valentine goes to one of our own, Finao’s production manager, Sal Mannino. Sal has been with us for a few years but took the helm of production in December 2019. In our transition to a single founding owner, Sal’s mission was to review everything we do with an eye to craftsmanship, efficiency, and quality. He hit the ground running, and then…COVID.

Sal didn’t let that stop him. He dedicated himself to keeping us running and our team healthy despite changing regulations, shutdowns, vendor challenges, and so much more. He is the glue that we could not have done without this year. And in his spare time, 😊 has stayed the course in problem-solving and improvement!

We love Sal, but it means a lot when you do too. This week our Finao CEO, Tony, got an email from one of our New York City studios, a photographer who has been in the business for 30 years. She felt that

“…what an incredible job Sal has done with your company.” and that “He has taken Finao to a level that no one else ever could.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Meet the man himself!

Check out this video featuring some of our key production staff. You’ll understand why we love what we do.