Finao’s New Website – the Advance Tour

Fresh but familiar…

As is par for the course, the final days of testing and launching a website feel sooooo long. You’ve probably been there. While we’re making our sprint to the finish line, here’s a quick peek at our new home. That way it will look familiar on your first visit. Be sure to check out the What’s New link on our homepage. This makes it easy to be informed of anything that’s changed with our launch, and since your last visit.

Only three paths to consider.

We’ve made wayfinding simple and easy. Access all Finao and Seldex Products through one dropdown menu, our Design and Lab Services through another. Everything else you’ll need is organized in a one-stop customer dashboard in your account.

Products at a glance.

Category menus will help you find your choice of Finao and Seldex albums, boxes, presentation products, wall art, or sales tools. There are also menus of all Seldex Products, and our product suggestions for specific interests and specialties.

All you need, in one place.

The basic information for each product is organized on a single scrolling page. Menus open the options that interest you. If you like your news in digest format, this may be all you need to order.

Pictures tell the story best.

We’ve added more samples and a little description of our options to inform you and your client’s choices. If that’s not enough, just click on any option image and…

For those who want more detail.

…you’ll arrive at a feature page. These are optional pages that give you all the extra examples and detail about a specific option. You may even find images or text that will help your marketing and website (we’re happy to share as long as you don’t use other photographer’s images.)

That’s about it. Longer than a tweet, but short enough for a client meeting. Delve into as much or as little detail as you like. Of course we’ll have other features and tools that you’ll can check out at your leisure.

We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready to take your next order!