Folio Boxes to Suit Every Studio’s Needs

Get to Know Finao and Seldex Folio Boxes

Our partnership with Seldex Artistic Albums of Australia holds so many benefits. The strongest is in how our product lines complement each other to offer you more choices. Finao serves the widest range of photographers in the industry, so we aim to fill a spectrum of needs.

Pour a coffee, get comfortable, and cruise through our brochure and video. We hope you’ll find the box that is perfect for your clients.

Images and Descriptions for an Easy Comparison

Finao folio boxes with matted prints will last a lifetime. The details you need:

  • We handcraft them individually for you from quality, solid materials – no cardboard structure like many companies use.
  • They are available in our complete range of cover materials and cover upgrade options.
  • Each style has unique features and a range of custom options for clients who want a one-of-a-kind folio box that expresses their style and personality.
  • All four models are also available as custom-sized album boxes. We build themafter your album is complete so that even the depth is custom – no filler at the bottom like many one-size-fits-all boxes.

A video of the four Finao box styles. The next best thing to holding them in your hands.