Get to Know Our Flush Mount Albums

Are you new to Finao? Or maybe just looking for information to help choose the product that’s just right for your studio? This post is for you!

As a boutique and custom-focused company, we offer options you won’t find anywhere else. But too many options can be confusing when you want to start with something simpler.

We’ve created a series of brochures to make quick comparisons of our products simpler. Download the PDF below to compare our PlayBOOK, MUSE, ONE, and PlayPAL flush mount albums.

It’s simple to offer two or more styles as a client package.

These are our good, better, and best styles of flush mount albums, with the add-on baby of our album family. With 43 sizes to choose from, you can design a combination that will make your studio that stand out from the competition.

Our matching aspect ratios sizing lets you quickly order mixed sets without the need to redesign your spreads. Just design for your largest album, and we do the rest. What could be easier?

These PDF charts provide a quick reference for making choices:

So who is up for sweet package with a bridal couple ONE, a parent MUSE, grandparent PlayBOOK, and bridal party PlayPAL keepsakes?