New Folio Box Big Winner Among Portrait Photographers

Best Folio Box for IPS or Reveal Wall style of sales. Seldex created the original Portfolio Box that started it all, and now things just got even better. Available in North America through Finao.Roll out the red carpet, the new FOLIO BOX by Seldex is here and we want to celebrate this new star on their walk of fame by giving you 40% off your studio sample!

The original Portfolio Box developed by Seldex has been the industry standard for many years, and a hallmark of professional photographers who utilize IPS (In Person Sales) and the reveal wall style of selling. Seldex has now upped the ante producing this modern sequal for today’s market. The NEW Folio Box offers significant upgrades in quality and style, featuring thick-walled wood construction and fully customizable trimmings and fabrics for the outer cover and interior box, all while staying at the same price-point as the original box. BONUS! Plus, ordering is easy as the Folio Box comes complete with slip-in mats as a packaged deal.

View the classic Portfolio Box, also affectionately known as the Sue Bryce Box, vs the new Folio Box by Seldex. Available in North America through Finao.

Another significant difference is the optional USB add-on that is built-in on the side of the box so it doesn’t affect the number of mats the box can hold.  This means you can get a deep box to hold 25 mats AND have a space to store a thumb drive. If you choose not to include this option, the box would be shaped similarly to the classic look you’ve always loved.

Customizing is easy too!  Choose all one color to cover the box, or mix and match materials for the cover (lid/spine/bottom) and base box to get a two-tone look at no additional cost! And to tie-off the look, ribbons are also available in a range of complementary tones.

Best Folio Box for Professional Photographers. Includes slip-in mats, optional usb add-on, studio branding, beautiful linen, silk and buckram cover options and more.Ready to order your sample? I thought so! And for a limited time, we’d like to sweeten the deal by offering an additional 33% off the already discounted sample price – that’s 40% off regular price!  Use coupon code NEWFOLIOBOX40 at checkout. Offer expires June 30th, 2017. Valid on studio sample Folio Box only. One per customer.

If you’d like studio branding on your new Folio Box, simply add your Seldex Studio Die to your cart FIRST, then you will be able to select “Use Studio Die” in the Folio Box order form.  Use the coupon above to checkout all altogether.

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