Nip/Tuck – the Album Version

Typically, you meet with clients to deliver a product. But has someone ever shown up at your studio toting a mysterious, bulky package?

“Can you help?” they ask. “My old album is falling apart/drowned when the basement flooded/the mats turned sad and yellow/or (my favorite) the cover is turning all weird and sticky.”

We can help.

Nothing is more important to us than making sure Finao-built albums stand the test of time. But we care enough to fix other companies’ old or damaged albums too.

Album repair is not an easy service to find in 2021. You can’t tighten a binding on a machine made to glue one. The ability to fix what we didn’t create is one of the many fringe benefits of crafting albums by hand, using classic book-binding methods. Old-school skills, but useful like being able to do multiplication in your head without a calculator app.

Album rehab isn’t anything new, just one of many Facts About Finao that most of you aren’t aware of. For the full Sunday experience, check out a video example of why we love to repair.

A few years ago, Finaon Benny Miglioroni’s grandparents celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. They had a wedding album he had never seen, fashionably held together with duct tape. We were able to repair it for him without losing many of the original features. It’s the only time we ever want to make someone’s grandma cry.

We know that all dogs go to heaven, but not all albums last forever. Bring us your tired, yellow, and yearning to be admired books, and we’ll try to give them a new life. We may not defy the reality of challenges like cat pee, but our team has a little miracle worker in them!

Life is short. Take pictures. Make history.