See Finao Quality in Person with Our Sample Loan Program

This weekend we have a virtual booth at the annual SYNC Portrait Photography Conference and Trade Show. We can chat with you through Zoom, and you can check out our catalog, registration gift, and show special. But something very important is missing – our samples.

In a typical year, we’d be with you in Destin, Florida, building relationships, answering questions, and most importantly, showing you our beautiful albums in person. To understand how we can offer your clients a cut above another lab’s products, there really is no substitute for touching and seeing product.

This made me think of one of Finao’s best-kept secrets – our sample loan program. We’ve always had one, it isn’t something new for COVID conditions. But it may come in especially handy this year if you:

  • Are budgeting, and want to be super sure before you purchase your studio samples,
  • Want to compare two styles of albums or matted image folio boxes, or
  • Have a client who would like to purchase a product you don’t often sell, but want to show them in-person.

Unlike most things in life, it’s very simple.

  • Call our lovely customer service team at 888-346-6287 and chat about what product(s) you’d like to see.
  • We ship the sample(s) to you for free and even provide the return FedEx shipping label.
  • You take good care of our babies and ship them back to us by the agreed-upon due date.

Some things to remember…

Finao ONE album in Miami Ink and Carbon Steel leather
with a matching USB Box

We’re not a company that likes to have a lot of rules, we’d prefer to keep it simple. We don’t need them when everyone plays well together. You won’t be disappointed if you have reasonable expectations, so a few things to keep in mind:

  • We may limit the loan period or the number of items you can borrow at once. This will depend mostly on demand. A two-week loan is our average.
  • To preview a very specific custom option you may have to join a wait-list, as we may have only one loan product in that style.
  • We do not currently have samples of every custom option we offer. But we have the huge majority.
  • Our samples are in good condition, but may not be pristine. Some are brand new, but others are almost teenagers and have a lot of tradeshow use and loan miles on them. What they will illustrate is how well our products stand the test of time and use.
  • This service is a perk, so we reserve the right to deny a specific loan request. We haven’t had to do that, but just so you know. It’s the small print :-)

Sample loans are another
everyday perk of being
part of the Finao family!