The ONE With Less Compromise

All ONE pages now come in a choice of black or white, with up to 160 pages!

This update is for our ONE fans. It’s the original Album with Attitude and the focus of our customization fantasies. So of course we listen when you need it to be just a little more flexible. A couple of requests come up often and were obvious places to offer you more ways to satisfy your clients without compromise.

New ONE Page Color Choices

Your current ONE choices include thick black pages or medium white pages. Now you can have it your way with both page styles in either color. We empathized with the Finaons who love the luxury of thick pages but not the zebra look, and those who need the medium-weight pages for more spreads but wish all their ONEs in our original style could match exactly.

High Capacity ONEs!

For the most part, our albums top out at a maximum of 50 spreads or 100 pages. But there are clients who want every beautiful image you take. Now we can do something about it!

The laws of physics dictate that album binding can only support a maximum weight and thickness. We have introduced a new, Slim, page style that will allow us to bind up to a fantastic 80 spreads/160 pages! These are strong and elegant, but slender.  As if our medium pages went to the gym more often.

You won’t have to choose Slim pages – they will be used automatically for any ONE order that contains more than 50 spreads/100 pages. And, of course, they come in both black and white.