Finao makes ordering fast, easy and convenient with our 24/7 online ordering system. You must be a professional photographer and registered user with our web site to access our ordering system and pricing information.

Due to the highly custom nature of our products, Finao will only accept online orders. We do not take orders over the phone or via fax to avoid possible errors.

Before placing your first order, we recommend the following:

  • Calibrate your monitor using a standard monitor calibration device. These can be purchased at most electronics & camera stores. Follow your model's instructions.
  • We encourage you to order test prints prior to placing your first order to ensure color compatibility and quality.
  • Order any needed swatch kits. This will give you on-hand samples of our materials.

No. Finao is a print-to-bind company. For the ease of production and to guarantee the highest quality album in a desirable time frame, we do not accept bind only album orders.

Our online ordering system is very intuitive and will add or limit options as you make decisions about the product you are ordering. In some cases it may restrict you from ordering options that are not available with something you have selected. If you are having difficulties trying to order a particular option, please contact us and we will work with you to make sure you are getting the option you desire.

If you are ordering any product where images are involved, you will be able to upload the image files either directly in the order form using our easy web upload system, or before you begin your order via FTP.

  • To upload images before placing your order: Log in to access your account menu, then select UPLOAD IMAGES. You can select a batch of images to upload or set them to upload at night. They will be ready for you in the morning.
  • To FTP your images: Log in and select the ACCOUNT INFORMATION in the MY ACCOUNT menu to grab your FTP login info. Upload the images first, then place your order. Your FTP images will appear on the order form when you go to place your order.

ALWAYS check the thumbnails and the print properties to make sure you have uploaded the correct images.

Due to the custom nature of our products, payment is due at the time of order submission. Finao accepts all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.

We can not guarantee that we can cancel or change any order over 24 hours old. If a change is possible, it can increase production time or be charged as a repair if the order has already completed the step you are requesting to be changed.

If you have any questions, are struggling with your first order or simply want to make sure you are doing your initial order correctly, please contact us or call 1-888-FINAO-US (1-888-346-2687) during regular business hours. We are always happy to walk new Finaons through their first order.


Clicking on the lost password link should do the trick unless you have changed your email address since you registered. In this case, please contact customer service for assistance in resetting your password.

Simply log in to your account then select Order Status from the menu. You can view or print any of your current or past orders at any time.

Finao is a wholesale album manufacturer primarily servicing professional photographers. We do not sell to the public and our products are intended for resale. We protect our professional clients by asking you to register before you can see pricing information and order products. Ready? Please fill out our registration form.

Finao is a business-to-business vendor. You must be a registered Finaon which means we verify that your are, in fact, a professional photographer. We do not sell to the general public or students. If verifiable information was not supplied at the time of registration, we may place a block on your account. Please contact customer service if you would like to provide more information and unblock your account. An account activation email is sent after you register and if this email went to your spam or trash or if there was a typo in your email address that caused the email to be undeliverable, the account will appear to be blocked as well. Contact us for help in activating your account.