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Most products have a discount for studio samples. Quantity of albums and the amount of discount varies based on product. See specific product for details. Sample discounts are not meant for resale to clients. All sample discount offers are subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

To ensure your discount is properly processed you MUST use the sample order link under the product you wish to have made into a sample. When you order through this link the price will be automatically configured using the appropriate discount. Sample discounts CAN NOT be given retroactively if ordered incorrectly. Discount coupons are not valid with sample orders. Seldex Bookbound Art samples require a coupon code that is entered at the time of order. Please contact customer service for assistance.

YES and NO. Any regular priced Seldex or Finao product CAN be ordered along with your sample order, however, the sample item MUST be placed through the sample order link to ensure the proper sample discount. We can not adjust your order retroactively. All other non-sample products must be ordered through their regular order link. Once all items are in your cart, you can continue to checkout all together. Seldex Bookbound Art samples are the exception and require a coupon code prior to ordering and thus CAN NOT be combined with other samples or non-sample products.

All sample albums are marked STUDIO SAMPLE on the inside back cover. Sample albums ARE NOT for resale to customers.