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Want to get started with Finao quickly? Maximize your options with the album starter kit and start selling more albums today.


Starting at $169, kit includes:

  • Example of a tooTone front cover panel
  • Choice of ICE or Armour image cover panel
  • Finao swatch kits (includes leather & non-leather swatches, paper samples, wood samples)
  • Marketing postcards
  • Tag Along tote
  • Optional 12x12 or 10x15 starter album (extra cost)

Each sample album offered with the kit includes a Finao ONE™ album with a single standard cover material, 10 leaves/20 page-sides (right start) and an image cutout on the cover.

For the 12x12 option you will need:

  • First page 12x12
  • Nine 24x12 spreads
  • Last page 12x12
  • 4x4 cover image

All files must be 300ppi JPGs in sRGB color space.

For the 15x10 landscape option you'll need:

  • First page 15x10
  • Nine 30x10 spreads
  • Last page 15x10
  • 4x5 vertical cover image

All files must be 300ppi JPGs in sRGB color space.

What if I want more pages or options?

ONE series albums are always 40% off to you as studio samples. You can order a fully custom sample by visiting the ONE, artONE or nextONE order forms and choosing the "Sample" option. Before you checkout, you can add the additional items from the Starter Kit to complete your bundle.