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  • Min = 10 leaves/20 sides
  • Max = 32 leaves/64 sides
  • Cut print style
  • Black, white or cream pagemounted mats
  • Black, white, cream, or grey mat liner colors
  • Square corners


Special conservation quality mats are used on any page where a mat is designated in your layout. Mats are 100% rag and both lignin and acid free. The color is a soft white. We use the best quality mat board available.

All Finao ONE™ series, and Boho albums come with the option of a first page that starts on the right or a full spread that starts on the left.

Your design starts on the right. First and last pages are half spreads.

Your design starts on the left. All pages are full spreads.

Spreads are cut down the center and a visible seam is apparent between prints. Available with Thick Page Style ONE albums, Hahnemüle German Etching paper on nextONE, and Boho albums only.

A leaf is a bookbinding term basically equating to two page-sides and, for all intents and purposes here, a leaf can be equal to a spread.