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Doing the 8x10 size? Then you have access to many of our cover upgrades that are normally reserved for our albums. Sorry, 6x8ers, it's cover imprinting for you.

Cover Imprinting

An old favorite, imprinting has limitations, please read our recommendations.

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Cut-outs & Indents

Add interest to a basic cover by incorporating a cameo image.

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Mix any two or three materials for a personalized creation.

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Metallic print emulsion that has been adhered to a thin piece of metal.

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Canvas & Photo Panel

A front cover canvas or photo panel with your material choice for spine & back.

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A clear acrylic front cover panel with a metallic print bonded to the underside.

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A smooth metal panel option that can be engraved.

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Wood Panel

A thin wood, veneer cover panel in a light Birch finish.

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