COVER MATERIAL WARNING! Passion, is no longer being manufactured by the vendor. We are currently searching for another candidate for this color. In the meantime, Scarlet O’Hara is a beautiful alternate.

Finao Swatch Collection - Swatches

Nothing beats physical swatches for gauging quality & color. Our current collection includes more than 100 generous samples of our carefully selected material and

photo paper options in a discrete storage box with a magnetic closure. You can choose the full or partial kits:

Full Swatch Kit Includes storage box and all current leather, non-leather, and photo paper swatch samples.

Leather Swatch Kit Includes storage box and all current leather, and photo paper swatch samples.

Non-Leather Swatch Kit Includes storage box and all current non-leather and photo paper swatch samples.

When making selections from online images please remember that colors can vary greatly from monitor to monitor and your client's screen may be far from exact. To ensure that your clients are satisfied, we recommend purchasing a swatch kit for use in conjunction with the online swatches (if you're not convinced, read to the bottom of this page).

To purchase individual replacement swatches contact To purchase individual replacement or old favorite swatches, contact This service is limited and not intended to be a substitute for purchasing a swatch kit.

You will find downloadable PDFs of out current and While Supplies Last swatches on our Templates & Design Guides feature page.

August 2019 Swatch Kit Update. What’s Changed?

If you are a long time Finaon you probably have an older swatch kit. Here's what has changed:

  • It has an entirely new physical format. A smaller, portable (non-dentable!) discrete box with a magnetic closure.

  • All swatches are individual—no more collection cards. This makes it easy for you to present a smaller selection of customer-tailored choices. It also lets us make fresh updates a little more often.

  • More material to work with. Leather and non-leather swatches are now the same size.

  • Reduced kit prices. The selection is smaller, but you’ll be satisfied. We’ve reduced from 140+ choices to 95, and we’re passing the savings on to you.

  • No more themed collections. We now organize by material type—leather, textured leather, vegan leather, velvet, linen, and fabric.

  • First-time extras. All kits will include samples of our eight photographic and fine art papers. You can’t sell upgrades if your customers can’t see and touch them!

  • Rebalanced color palette. We’ve added the blues, greys, purples and jewel tones that you asked for. Pastels and bright pops of color make for kid and family friendliness.

  • New material types. By popular request, we’ve added a rainbow of luscious traditional velvets and crisp natural linens.

  • Family-friendly swatch names. The new selection names are as gentle as a Disney movie and make it easier to imagine the colors.

  • No more plusOne surcharge. Where available, all leathers will be treated equally.

  • Fundy Designer. Only the active materials will be available in Fundy Designer, but you can export your layout to upload and order WSL cover materials through our website.


Can I still order my old favorite cover materials?

No grief needed, most of your old favorites are still available.

While we can only fit a limited number of choices in the current kit, we have three to four times that many selections in our warehouse and are happy for you to use them. Many of you chose Finao because we are boutique and custom focused, with wild and wonderful creative options. Browsing them is more fun than a consignment boutique! Soon we will add a page displaying of all our vintage choices for you to peruse.

Hang on to your old swatches, they’re still useful. Many of our inactive materials are available in the order form "While Supplies Last" categories. We have varying amounts and won't be ordering more of these but can let you know how freely to offer them. Your old leather swatches are sized right for our current boxes, and on request, we can make non-leather ones too.

Can I use Finao and Seldex materials on the same products?

That's something we can't do. If you purchase both Finao and Seldex products, you will need to order two separate swatch collections. Finao

is the North American distributor for Seldex Artistic Album, an album and photographic products company in Australia. Seldex creates their products down under with their own material collection and we print and add the images once your order arrives in New York.

Do you charge for swatches?

Yes, there is a charge for swatches but we try to keep it reasonable. We offer partial kits with leather and non-leather options so that you can purchase the components you want or need.

The Part We Really Want You to Read

We know, a lot of photographers can't see the point in buying a swatch kit. After all, we live in a digital world, right? And now that COVID is a household name, most of your clients want to communicate online anyway.

That's all true, but reality doesn't stop there. We all want your clients to be happy with their purchase, so we need to collaborate on making that happen.

We realized that the color of our online swatch images and the PDF download were not accurate enough, so we've made them better. You'll be happy to see that the new set are vastly improved. We've also added more sample images for reference, and have new helpful reference tools planned for the coming months.

But, we're not selling a digital product. Have you ever ordered a shirt online, but didn't love the fabric once you got it? You just can't get a complete impression from an online image. It is nearly impossible to see the true character of some materials on screen.

The feel of our cover materials is an important part of owning a custom product. They will become a focal point for many families, so the tactile quality is important. There really is no way to tell from a digital image the slight slub texture of real linen made from flax, the depth of a pattern on embossed leather, or the surface differences between distressed, buffed, pearl, and metallic leather.

Even if your client never physically touches a swatch kit, it is a valuable reference tool for you. In guiding them to make purchase choices you become their interpreter. We don't have that opportunity to answer your client's questions and make sure they are getting what they expect. Owning a swatch kit will help you reduce misunderstandings and the need for remakes. The better you know a product the more effectively you can sell it.

Average Turnaround

3-5 business days.