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Prints are mounted on a medium weight white substrate. We understand that clients and their families equate quality and value with physical substance – these pages have a just-right hand feel that expresses luxury without excess weight. MUSE provides you with an impressive product choice that increases sales, at a price point that makes those sales profitable.

  • Black or white lining and fly leaves
  • Right or left start
  • Medium weight, white, rigid pages
  • Lay-flat construction
  • Creased print (no gutters)
  • Min: 5 leaves/10 sides
  • Base: 10 leaves/10 sides
  • Max: 50 leaves/100 sides


Your design starts on the right. First and last pages are half spreads.

Your design starts on the left. All pages are full spreads.

Full spreads are creased and mounted across the pages for a semi-seamless look. Available with all page styles.

A leaf is a bookbinding term basically equating to two page-sides and, for all intents and purposes here, a leaf can be equal to a spread.