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The MUSE is available in your choice of photographic Lustre or Deep Matte prints. Finao uses only portrait-grade paper which is a heavier weight and much preferable to the industry standard album-grade paper.

LUSTRE PRINTING – True silver halide prints using Fuji Crystal Archive paper which has a soft texture and sheen. Lustre printing is a versatile customer favorite.

DEEP MATTE PRINTING – True silver halide prints using Fuji Deep Matte paper which is super smooth with a velvety, shine-free surface.

Look your absolute best by providing exceptional, professional print quality. Our master and experienced printers meticulously calibrate their equipment to ensure your prints are consistent and true to life.

Finao is a print-to-bind company. For the ease of production and to guarantee the highest quality album in a desirable time frame, we do not accept bind only album orders. We offer ICC profiles and test prints to ensure you are happy with the printing in your album.


You do not need an ICC profile to work with Finao. Please, DO NOT attempt to use this profile if you are unfamiliar with how to install them or their correct use. Before using this file, be aware that we do not offer any support for its use. Our customer service reps will be unable to assist you with the installation.


Generally speaking, a good monitor, a good calibration device (like a Spyder or similar brand) and ordering test prints prior to your first album order are all you will need.