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Armour is a metal image cover option featuring an aluminum front cover panel with a metallic print emulsion that has been adhered to it. It is tough, durable and positively delightful. It's extra thick to prevent dings and dents and finished with a protective coating for a scratch-free, long-lasting permanence. Armour covers look great with black & white, monochromatic, sepia and muted tone images. Please note that metallic prints are higher contrast and will exaggerate highlights and shadows.

  • Metal Image Cover
  • Photo emulsion applied to top metal layer
  • Choose any material for spine & back*
  • Available on ONE™ series, Boho albums, and Chelsea boxes 8x10 & up
  • Square spines
  • Cover template required (see below)

*Although you may choose any material for the spine and back, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND A LEATHER for stability and durability over time.

Cover template required

ICE™ and Armour™ templates are the same so you only download once. Templates are designed for use in Adobe Photoshop.