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Finao offers two distinct options for dressing up your standard covers with images: cut-outs and indentations. We sometimes refer to these generally as "cover openings".

ONE series and Boho

  • Cut-outs available with all materials
  • Indents compatible with limited materials
  • Album sizes 8x8 and up
  • Vertical and horizontal openings
  • See Cover Design Guide for configurations


A window is cut into the cover material and the print is slipped behind it. It does not show through to the first page of the album and needs a separate print. You can also get creative with the many multiple cutout options. Compatible with all cover materials.

The material is pressed in about 1/32 of an inch and the print is mounted into the indentation. Indentations are also available in multiples.

Indentations are very limited and not available on materials with a texture or nap as the adhesive will not be secure, or when the image placement falls on a stripe.

See our ONE cover design guide for full details on how you can arrange your album cover. Cover image files for each opening in your cover design MUST be sized to the exact dimensions of the opening (i.e. a 5x7 opening must be a 5x7 print) & uploaded at the time of order.