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A truly magical look in a non-breakable Plexiglas™. Muted and Murky or Dark and Bronzy, put a little mystery into your cover image and give 'em just enough to make 'em want to take a look inside to see what's really there.

  • Look through the cover to your first page
  • Right-start album design
  • Choose any material* for spine & back
  • Square spines
  • Available on ONE™ series & Boho albums 8x10 & up
  • Special design for first page (see below)

*Although you may choose any material for the spine and back, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND A LEATHER for stability and durability over time.

Page Template Recommended

You need to make sure you are designing a right-starting album. No cover template is needed but 2" on the left side (top, if designing a flipbook) of the first page will be covered when the book is closed.


Templates are designed for use in Adobe Photoshop.

If you have already downloaded our Finao ONE/artONE page template kit, you do not need this additional download as the margin is built into the first page template.

Muted and Murky™

M & M is clear with a pebbled texture, but lets the first page of the album show through.

Dark and Bronzy™

D & B is smooth and smoky adding a little mystery and showing only a hint of the first page of the album beneath.