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Mixing any 2 or 3 materials can create a completely custom and inspired look for your client’s album. It’s also a great way to highlight the colors in a wedding theme, or to add a tactile experience by utilizing contrasting textures.

ONE series & Boho

  • tooTONES!™ - combine any 2 materials
  • 3TONES!™ - combine any 3 materials
  • Available on albums 8x8 & up
  • See a cover design guide for configurations (see below)

MUSE, Elements, Reveal, and Chelsea

  • tooTONES!™ - combine any 2 materials
  • Available with sizes 7x10 & up
  • Compatible with cutouts/indents

ONE™ Series & Boho Album Cover Design Guide

See our cover design guide for full details on how you can arrange your ONE series & Boho album cover.