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Yes, we do imprinting, but it is limited. For a wider range of styles and the ability to match personalization to the theme and feel of individual album designs, we recommend you incorporate names & dates into your actual page designs and image covers.

  • Coronation (24 pt. 36 pt.)
  • Fournier (18 pt. 24 pt.)
  • Goudy Cursive (36 pt.)
  • Modern (30 pt. 48 pt.)
  • Pascal (36 pt.)
  • Choice of color foils or blind


NO. Woven fabrics and textured leathers are not compatible with imprinting. We recommend instead, placing the imprint on the fly leaf, or for best results, incorporating the personalization into the first page design. For those who require this traditional look, please make sure you are selecting an appropriate material from the list below.

Current materials that allow imprinting are the All That Jazz Collection (all materials), the Basics collection (all materials), the Tricycle Alley collection (all materials), the Happy Cow collection (all materials), Urban Legends (all materials) and cu29 & Saturday Night Special (from the Mixed Bag collection).

NO! Many of our imprinting options are limited by material. For our playBOOK, we offer Lower Right Corner, Visual Center, Right Vertical cover imprinting or Flyleaf Center internal imprinting.

YES. All typeset imprinting options are typeset EXACTLY as typed on the order form. If you type your imprint all in caps, it will be imprinted in all caps. You have been warned.

YES. All cover imprinting is limited to 30 characters per line. Maximum 2 lines.

NO. Not all fonts will fit or look as intended on all album sizes. Please select your font carefully keeping the album size and imprint placement in mind.

YES. If you want to use a special, non-alphabetical character, contact us to check on its availability BEFORE you place your order, or delays can occur.

YES. (but only on the ONE™ series) A custom 2x4 die can be designed for single use, or saved for later use. Custom dies are subject to a set-up fee followed by a per-use fee each time the die is used (see pricing for details). Custom die placement varies and is limited as described for each cover design in our ONE™ series cover design guide.


YES. Please be aware that the maximum width for a Tag Along Tote die is 3 inches, so make sure to adjust your design accordingly.