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Finao offers two distinct options for dressing up your standard covers with images: cut-outs and indentations. We sometimes refer to these generally as "cover openings".

Elements, Reveal, and Chelsea

  • Cut-outs available with all materials
  • Indents compatible with limited materials
  • Available with sizes 8x8/7x10 and up
  • 4x5 vertical openings on rectangular albums
  • 4x4 and 5x5 openings on square albums
  • Cover openings are positioned optical center


A window is cut into the cover material and the print is slipped behind it. It does not show through to the first page of the album and needs a separate print. You can also get creative with the many multiple cutout options. Compatible with all cover materials.

The material is pressed in about 1/32 of an inch and the print is mounted into the indentation. Indentations are also available in multiples.

Indentations are very limited and not available on materials with a texture or nap as the adhesive will not be secure, or when the image placement falls on a stripe.

Cutouts & Indentations are available in 4x4, 5x5 and 4x5 depending on the size and shape of the album. Cover openings are placed in the optical center position.

  • Vertical albums - 7x10 and up - 4x5 vertical cover opening
  • Horizontal albums 7x10 and up - 4x5 vertical cover opening
  • Square albums 8x8 - 4x4 cover opening
  • Square albums 10x10 and up - 4x4 or 5x5 cover opening