Seldex™ Bamboo Box

Seldex Bamboo Boxes are an exciting addition to their popular Portfolio range. Made from eco-friendly and sustainable natural bamboo their new portfolios are available in 2 sizes - 10x8" and 11x14" with 3 different lid designs - Arylic, Image and Floating Image. Bamboo Portfolios are available in 2 depths - Shallow and Deep and ship complete with Frame Mounts. Each box features a gorgeous ribbon lift out so you can easily remove the mats, rustic gold hinges and a swing clasp to keep your box closed. Bamboo Portfolios are the perfect presentation option for any portrait shoot - whether it be newborn, kids or family and are a great alternative for parents of your bride and groom.

TURNAROUND: 20-30 business days

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Box Options

Select from 3 unique cover options for your Bamboo box

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How the heck do I design this thing? Your answers await.

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Thinking about a new studio sample? Let us entice you with a deal.

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Available in 2 box sizes and 2 box depths for adjustable print needs.

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