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NO! Gallery, Twin Sets & Portrait Suite albums are designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. Mats come in a variety of standard print sizes that are easily orderable from any lab.

Negative Ghost Rider. All file prep is the customer's responsibility. All images for Gallery albums need to be sized to the opening being ordered (i.e. 5x7 opening is a 5x7 print at 300 DPI)..

All files being submitted to Finao require a resolution of 300 DPI and be in the sRGB color space. See product details for any available starter templates.

If using the templates provided by Seldex, you do not need to change the resolution on the files as they may print at a different resolution and color space than Finao.

We DO NOT color correct customer files. All file prep is the customer's responsibility. We do, however, encourage you to print test prints to make sure color is to your liking prior to placing your order.