Seldex™ Portfolio Box - One-of-a-kind presentation for prints

ATTENTION: Portfolio Boxes will be phased out beginning in 2019. Samples are no longer available. Consider upgrading to the Seldex Folio Box for 2019 instead.

A Sue Bryce fan favorite, Seldex Portfolio Boxes are a truly artistic twist to print presentation and a great alternative to an album. These handmade, clamshell-style presentation boxes are available in your choice of fabric from Seldex's Asahi, Linen or Buckram collections, or a custom image cover printed on canvas or silk. Shallow, Standard or Deep capacities can hold from 10 to 25 slip-in mats (without a disc button or USB tray). Slip-in mats are available separately in lots of 25 (custom) or 10 (instock). With customizable options for a cameo image indentation, ribbon-tie closure, studio or personalized embossing and disc-button inside the lid, the Portfolio Box is a true original.

TURNAROUND: 10-15 business days


Cover Materials

Your choice from Seldex's Buckram, Asahi or Linen collections.

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Cover Options

Keep your cover material or upgrade to a customizable image cover.

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Box Options

Mat options, print options, USBs, DVDs and more...

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How the heck do I design this thing? Your answers await.

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Available in 4 box sizes and 3 box depths for adjustable print needs.

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