Seldex™ Portrait Envelope - Hold 10 to 15 individual photos at an affordable price

Seldex Portrait Envelopes are an ideal packaging product for loose prints when you desire an upmarket presentation. When ordering a minimum quantity of 5, you can choose your cover material from our large range of Asahi, Linen or Buckram materials and studio embossing is free! This is a great way to co-ordinate your packaging for your studio brand. You can also slip in a DVD if you would like to include digital files in your package.

TURNAROUND: 5-10 business days


Cover Materials

Your choice from Seldex's Buckram, Asahi or Linen collections.

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Available in 5x7 or 8x10 and will hold 10-15 individual prints.

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Choice of a black or white rag mat board for your lining.

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Ribbon Color

Finish with your choice of ribbon color for the tie closure.

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Create a studio die from your logo and brand each of your envelopes with us.

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