COVER MATERIAL WARNING! Passion, is no longer being manufactured by the vendor. We are currently searching for another candidate for this color. In the meantime, Scarlet O’Hara is a beautiful alternate.

Seldex Studio Die - Sign your work in style

Reinforce your brand image and promote your studio with custom metal die imprinting. Generate new and repeat business by imprinting your studio logo on finished products. Imprinting creates a debossed depression that is accented by your choice of a metallic foil.

If you purchase both Finao and Seldex products, you will need to order two separate studio dies. Finao is the North American distributor for Seldex, an album and photographic products company in Australia. Your Finao die lives in New York for use on Finao products; your Seldex die hangs with our friends in Australia for use on Seldex products. That makes it hard to share!

Check out our Finao Studio Dies guidelines and examples to create one for your Seldex produts. If you are unsure if you logo is suitable for imprinting please contact our customer service team at for their advice.

Please upload your studio logo file to meet these specifications:

  • 300 PPI file in .jpg format
  • Black and white only (no gradients or color)
  • The normal width of an imprinting studio die is between 2.5-3.5" depending on the design. Confirm how wide you would like your finished die in an order note.

Things to consider:

Many Seldex products allow studio imprinting on the outside of albums covers or boxes. Imprinting is a different process than printing; we are pushing foil into the surface of the material. Leather is a soft, yet thick material so it will imprint well and deeply. Materials such as buckram or linen are thinner so the resulting imprint will not be as as deep.

Another variable is your logo design. Graphics with intricate designs may not emboss well as the small areas can fill with foil due to the surface of the material, especially linens which have a textured weave surface. If your logo has a graphic design with small details then it may be best to leave this off the die and use text only.

If you are unsure if you logo is suitable for embossing please contact our team at for their advice.

Average Turnaround

10-15 Business Days. Dies must be ordered with or before your products; they are manufactured in the US and then shipped to Seldex in Australia.


Don't pass up the opportunity to display your studio logo—it's the most affordable brand marketing you can buy. They can be added to the cover of nearly all Seldex products with a custom, reusable die. Choose from seven colors of metallic foil or blind stamping.

Imprinting Color Choices

Imprinting Color Choices

Traditional foil imprinting available in black, clear (blind), copper, and gold

Imprinting Color Choices

Imprinting Color Choices

Traditional foil imprinting also available in rose gold, silver, turquoise, white.