COVER MATERIAL WARNING! Passion, is no longer being manufactured by the vendor. We are currently searching for another candidate for this color. In the meantime, Scarlet O’Hara is a beautiful alternate.

Seldex Swatch Collections - Nothing beats the real thing

Cover materials and ribbon swatches—they're all designed to help boost your sales and maximize your profit from every shoot. It's impossible to have a physical sample in every color or style and these swatch collections are the best way to show your clients the full range of options available to them. Material Swatch Boxes have the Seldex logo on the lid and base of the box. You can personalize the swatch box to feature your studio logo on the lid instead of ours. To do this you need to download the Photoshop file, add your logo to the lid, save as a .jpg file and upload it with your order.

Are Finao & Seldex swatches the same? No, they aren't. If you purchase both Finao and Seldex products you will need to order two separate swatch collection. Finao is the North American distributor for Seldex Artistic Album, an album and photographic products company in Australia. Seldex creates their products down under with their own material collection, and we print and add the images once your order arrives in New York.

Swatch Box Collection includes:

  • your choice of swatch box cover with Seldex branding or a personalized cover with your studio logo
  • full set of cover swatches including all material ranges (Premium Leather, Classic Leather, Asahi, Linen, Leatherette, and Buckram).
  • set of mats—including album and box mats
  • samples of matte and lustre paper
  • samples of album lining handmade papers

The Ribbon Swatch Card features samples of all 18 colors of Seldex's beautiful satin ribbons.

You can find the template to create a personalized swatch box cover in the Seldex section of our Templates & Design Guides feature page.

Average Turnaround

5-10 Business Days