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We DO NOT color correct customer files. All file prep is the customer's responsibility. We do, however, encourage you to print test prints to make sure color is to your liking prior to placing your order.

  • Option 1: use one of our sizing templates to create your own custom image. (see below).
  • Option 2: use one of the many stylish templates provided by one of our Playmates.

To order this product your image MUST use the template provided. (see below)

We have provided some Adobe Photoshop templates (PSD files) for designing Seldex image covers. When you design your cover you MUST fill the entire area with an image or background color. If creating an all white background, the background must be filled in with white.

DO NOT have images end exactly on the guide marks. Images must either flow over the guide marks to the edge, or be set inside the guide marks with a background color filling the remaining space. The GUIDE MARKS ARE APPROXIMATE, not exact, please keep this in mind when designing your cover. Remember that the edge of the box has a thickness to wrap around so the guide marks do not represent a sharp fold.

DO NOT leave any blank space and make sure that the spine and fold areas are flexible. Anything that appears outside of the fold lines may get folded over the edge when the cover is created.

The uploaded cover image should be a JPEG. Your image file needs to be received color corrected and ready for printing and should have a resolution between 200 and 300 dpi. Anything being printed in Australia needs a resolution of at least 200 dpi. All US labs generally require printing to be at 300 dpi.


Templates are designed for use in Adobe Photoshop