Cover Lining

Adding a custom cover lining to your album is another way to accessorize and 'pull together' the full effect of a Finao handmade album.

We adhere a decorative material to the inside of the front and back covers of the album, as an alternative to plain paper. In early bookbinding, the lining added to the structure and stability of an album; today, it is solely for decorative or sentimental reasons. Like many traditional bookbinding art techniques, liners have had a resurgence in popularity.

We offer a range of choices for custom liners. These include a selection of:

  • handmade paper
  • wood veneer
  • silk moire
  • silk brocade, and
  • matching cover materials, such as velvet.

We list only a few fully complementary materials in our order form (paper and wood), as some are limited choices. For example, velvet cannot be used as a liner if you are gilding the pages of your book. If you are interested in lining options, contact to discuss suitability. Your client would be thrilled with an album lined in a fabric or paper that is personally meaningful. Some ideas are:

  • the map from a destination wedding
  • a vintage poster
  • a scanned copy of an invitation or certificate celebrating marriage, birth, baptism, or mitzvah printed on fine art paper
  • a scanned copy of a diploma or graduation certificate
  • extra fabric from a custom bridal or bridesmaid gown

If you have ideas about meaningful album lining, contact us to see if we can make it happen.