Erotika™ Metal

Erotika™ is a unique-finish metal image cover you won't find on albums anywhere else.

VOC-free UV-cured inks are printed on brushed aluminum, lending a modern, minimalist look. It differs from Armour™ as the inks are absorbed, and the image distinctively becomes one with the metal, leaving the texture visible. Also, about 10% of the whites or highlight areas drop out to reveal the lightly brushed metal beneath. The subtle metallic sheen contrasts with the matte print surface, adding raw depth and dimension.

Erotika™ pairs well with both color and black & white but is best with images that exhibit a wide range of tonal values. It adds an ethereal feel to the photo-realistic appearance. Erotika™ images are waterproof and built to resist fading, but take extra care to avoid scratches on this beauty as there is no protective coating.

In our Solo™ wall art the Erotika™ panel is mounted on Dibond, the industry's leading aluminum composite material. Dibond is two pre-painted sheets of .012" aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. This construction creates a luxurious and durable presentation without excess weight.

  • Unique finish metal image cover
  • 10% of highlights dropped out to reveal raw metal
  • Choose any material for your album spine & back (we recommend leather for stability and durability)
  • Available as a cover panel on ONE™ and nextONE™ albums, Casa™ box lids sized 8x10" and up, and all Solo™ wall art sizes
  • Compatible with square spine cover styles (Signature or Modern)

The templates for Erotika™ are included in the zip files for each product. You can find these on our Templates & Design Guides feature page.