Often the details are what distinguish our most beautiful work. Traditional bookbinding techniques have resurfaced as an additional way to show how much you value and cherish an heirloom album.

One of our most luxurious finishing techniques is gilding, a process of adding a decorative and protective metallic or colored foil coating to page edges. This highly specialized, traditional art adds an extra level of elegance and transforms the album's appearance. The popularity of gilding has increased with a resurgence in the appreciation of traditional craftsmanship.

This beautiful art traces it's history from ancient Egypt and Babylon through Rome, the Middle East, Medieval and Renaissance Europe, and finally into our modern album labs. You may be most familiar with gilt pages through the traditional use with religious books. Originally a long and laborious craft, gilding rose to prominence in the 19th century. Modern techniques have developed to include heat and pressure application.

Add this beautiful element to your album with gilding in one of our standard colors of

  • gold
  • silver
  • rose gold
  • black
  • white
  • red

Gilding increases the perceived value of a book by making it appear more classic. Albums can be gilded in a range of matching colors and finishes, including matte metallic, pearl, and iridescent. We have adorned custom books in beautiful purples and blues. If your special album needs just the right color of gilding submit a Custom Quote form and we'll help you find the perfect option.