Cover Openings and Stripes

Add interest to a basic cover by incorporating a cameo image cutout or indentation, a tone material accent, or both! They are an inexpensive way to customize your products. Our Cover Design Guide has hundreds of inspiring layout designs to get you started. These are available on albums sized 8x8" and larger. Options vary by product, size, and cover orientation.

Cover Openings - Cutouts and Indentations

Inexpensively add up to four square or rectangular photographic images to your cover.

A cutout is an edge-wrapped window created in the top layers of the cover with a print slipped behind it. Cutouts are compatible with all our cover materials and can even be layered with accent stripes.

An indentation is created by scoring and pressing in the cover material and mounting a reinforced print in the indentation. Indents are available with caution on materials that have a texture or nap. The varying texture will not allow the image to fully indent, so in places the edge of the cover image paper will be visible. Indents are not available layered on top of a tone stripe.

The cutout window will cover the outside 1/4" of your print on all sides. Please be mindful of this when selecting the image for your cutout.

Accent Stripes

Combine two or three materials to create a completely custom and unique multimedia cover. Add a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal stripe to your base cover for just the coordinated look you want. Highlight wedding colors or add a tactile experience with contrasting textures. Design with one or two stripes, a spine accent, or a spine and back cover accent.

You're free to choose from the same material family or mix it up. Yes, you can have leather and velvet together! Whether the effect is subtle or high contrast, it's your choice.

Accent stripes are available on albums and some box styles sized 8x8" and up, and are compatible with cutouts and indents. Options vary by product, size, and cover orientation.

See our Cover Design Guide for inspiration! Download the PDF from our Templates & Design Guides feature page.