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One of the most common questions we get from new Finaons is about page thickness. An important thing to know when making product decisions is that we NEVER make press printed albums. Your work is beautiful and we treat it with the honor it deserves. People are often surprised that they can create a playBOOK™ in the same price range as some press printed albums on the market.

The Finao ONE™ album offers a choice of medium or thick styling.

All thin (PlayBOOK & PlayPAL), and medium (MUSE™ & ONE™) page style albums MUST have a creased print to maximize the stability of the thinner pages.

The Finao ONE™ album offers a choice of medium or thick styling.

In addition to personal taste, page thickness is important when considering the size of your album.

  • For albums with fewer pages (maximum 32 leaves/64 sides), thick pages are recommended to create the greatest overall stability and provide a luxury aesthetic and satisfying hand feel.
  • We recommend the medium page style for larger albums (over 20 leaves/40 page-sides) to limit the album weight and reduce long-term wear and tear on the binding.

ONE™ album pages are coated and cured before creasing, cutting, or binding to maintain their beauty and protect them from damage. These are lifetime albums, and they deserve a full and happy one. We love to hear your stories of how ONE's™ pages have proven to be kid-proof, pet-proof, drop on the floor, and even mother nature, natural-disaster proof. While we prefer you treat our babies with care, it's nice to be confident that they will hold up to the rigors of real family life.

Thin Pages - flexible but durable, with a feeling of quality

  • Best choice for lightweight or add-on albums
  • Constructed from two back-to-back professional-grade photographic papers
  • Total page thickness 0.5mm/0.02"
  • Minimum capacity = 5 leaves/10 sides (10/20 included in base price)
  • Maximum capacity = 50 leaves/100 sides
  • Creased print style only
  • White fly page (black optional)
  • No core
  • Square corners
  • Standard with playBOOK™ and playPAL™

Medium Pages - rigid but lighter, lessening the overall weight of your album

  • The best choice for larger albums, or albums with more than 20 leaves.
  • Constructed from two layers of image paper with a center substrate
  • Total page thickness 1.0mm/0.04"
  • Minimum capacity (included in base price) = 10 leaves/20 sides
  • Maximum capacity = 50 leaves/100 sides
  • Creased print style only
  • White fly page (black option with ONE™)
  • White core (black option with ONE™)
  • Square corners
  • Standard on the MUSE™, optional for ONE™

Thick Pages - rigid with a luxe hand, substantial feel, and distinctive black and white striping on the page-block edges

  • Your best choice for all albums with fewer than 20 leaves.
  • Constructed from two layers of image paper with a center substrate
  • Total page thickness 1.5mm/0.06"
  • Minimum capacity (included in base price) = 10 leaves/20 sides
  • Maximum capacity = 32 leaves/64 sides
  • Creased or cut prints
  • Black fly page standard, white fly page optional
  • Black core standard, white core optional
  • Rounded corners standard (Signature style, or optional Vintage), square corners optional (Modern)
  • Standard, and available for ONE™ only

Matted Pages

  • Overlay style total thickness 1.8mm/0.07"
  • Pagemount style total thickness 2.1mm/0.08"
  • Slip-in style total thickness (Reveal™) 2.8mm/0.11"

Other Page Styles

  • Elements™ adhesive mount style total thickness 1.2mm/0.05"


The base price of all Finao flush mount and matted album styles includes 10 leaves or 20 individual page sides (unless specifically noted). This is important to be aware of when making price comparisions as many album companies create base pricing that includes only half that number.

A leaf is a bookbinding term equating to two page-sides and is also referred to as a spread. You may choose fewer than 10 leaves/20 spreads, but this will not decrease your album's base price. The blank beginning and ending flyleaves are standard and not included in the image page count.

The maximum recommended capacity for albums depends upon the page thickness you choose; thickness options vary by product. If you need an album that is larger than the recommended maximum, you may consider creating multiple album volumes or opting for a thinner page. To discuss additional options for high page count albums, please submit a custom album request through our customer service staff.

Thin Pages Thin pages are standard for the playBOOK™ and playPAL™ styles. The maximum capacity of albums with thin pages is 50 leaves/100 sides.

Medium Pages Medium pages are standard for the MUSE™ and have a maximum capacity of 50 leaves/100 sides. We also recommend the medium page style option for larger ONE™ albums over 20 leaves/40 page-sides to help avoid excess weight and inherent wear and tear.

Thick flush mount, and matted-album pages The maximum recommended capacity with standard thick or matted pages is 32 leaves/64 sides. For all albums with fewer than 15 leaves/30 sides, choosing thick pages will maintain the proportions of the album and enhance stability.


Depending on your choice of album style, you may have the option of designing for a right-page or left-page start. All Finao flush mount and matted albums offer this option.

If your design starts on the right, the first and last pages are half spreads. Your first full spread will print on pages 2-3. If your design starts on the left, all pages are full spreads. A left start will place your first image on the back of the flyleaf.


Finao offers albums with creased page centers, or cut prints that are divided by a slender gutter over the spine. With some album models, you can choose your page style; in others, a specific style is a design requirement. In some cases, this option is more about personal style and look, but can limit some of your other choices.

Creased page centers provide a panoramic look and work best with photographic papers. Full spreads are creased and mounted across the pages for a semi-seamless look. Albums with medium or slim style pages, or in our Flipbook specialty size albums require creased pages to enhance album stability.

Cut prints are a traditional album standard. Spreads with cut-print centers have a narrow, visible seam between the pages. This seam should not affect the look of panoramic prints, but we recommend that you avoid aligning faces with the cut. Please note that the seams can be slightly wider in albums over 12 inches wide or tall. This style is available in a thick page ONE™ album, with medium page, fine-art giclée papers, and with matted nextONE™ albums.