Page Style

Our albums choices include several different page styles. You're sure to find one that reflects your brand while satisfying your client’s taste. You can also include blank pages to create a guestbook or add invitations or mementos to your finished product.

Flush Mount

Available in the ONE™, MUSE™, playBOOK™ and playPAL™

In flush mount albums, the entire spread is a single photographic print that has no borders and runs completely or “Flush” to the page edges.

A common confusion in the marketplace is to call these lay-flat pages. Lay-flat is not a page type, but rather a binding type. Lay-flat albums open fully to the spine and provide a panoramic spread, with none of your images lost in a center gutter. When combined with flush mount printing, lay-flat books provide a larger usable image area for the size of the pages. Lay-flat binding has superior longevity because its construction eliminates the potential for cracking or breaking the spine when opening the book wide to view.

Page-Mount Matted

Available in the NextONE™

Page-mount is the traditional construction method for matted albums. In this style, we preserve time-honored, hand-made details to craft the most exquisite albums available.

Colored lining paper is covered by a full spread matboard that has openings cut to house your images. We trim and hand-mount each photograph to float within the frames of the mat. This exposes 1/8” of the lining page beneath and creates a striking key line around each of the images. Finao offers a choice of four mat and liner colors—white, black, grey, and cream. Choose mat and liner colors to be subtly monochromatic or to accent and highlight your images. Aperture edges are clean cut with no beveling.

Page-mount mats can be alternated with flush mount pages or even combined within the same spread—the choice is yours, and design is surprisingly easy.

Matted Album Design Guide

Overlay Matted

Available in the NextONE

Overlay matting is a more contemporary matted album construction. Your spread layout is printed as a single image and covered or overlayed by mat board with cut openings. As the images attach behind the mat, it covers and conceals 1/4” of the print edge. Aperture edges are clean, with no beveling. No colored liner is visible, but an embossed accent line around an image or image group is available.

Matted Album Design Guide

Slip-in Matted

Available in the Reveal & Avant

Reveal is the matted album for those who love the simplicity and focus of one image per page. Each spread features two mats with your choice of portrait or landscape openings (all mats will be the same orientation). We print and assemble for a ready-to-deliver product. If you need a DIY matted album with the option of varying mat layouts, try the highly customizable Avant.


Available in the Elements

Finao Elements are our self-mount albums that feature adhesive pages. The peel-and-stick description cannot do justice to these archival beauties. It can be difficult to tell that Elements is not a flush mount. The full-page adhesive is superior to edge-adhesive-only products in both presentation and longevity. Choose white or black base pages.

We print and assemble for the ease of a ready-to-deliver product. Or stock Elements ™ to present your signature image printing.

Page Arrangement Options


Available for all Finao albums

Standard pages have images on all page-sides in classic album style. The standard page arrangement is the default for all of our albums, whether flush mount, matted, or self-adhesive. You may have a choice to place your first images on the left or right, but there are no blank pages unless you intentionally include white spaces in your spread designs.


Available in the Elements and Reveal

Some of our albums have a Guestbook page arrangement option with one page of images per spread. The left page in each spread is blank, quality paper for the signatures & well-wishes of family and friends. The right side pages have mats (Reveal) or adhesive (Elements) for prints. The blank pages are in your album base-page color choice.

Flush mount albums such as the playBOOK and MUSE make wonderful guestbooks, but do not have an automatic Guestbook option. You must leave white space in your album design for guests to write.

Guests can easily sign photographic or album papers with a quality permanent marker. Black guestbook pages work well with white or light metallic colors. We recommend purchasing an acid-free, permanent, waterproof, and archival quality pen for your guest notes; these are readily available for less than $5.

Choose a pen that dries quickly to avoid smearing. If you need a place to get started, Finao testing and photographer recommendations give a thumbs up to the ZIG Photo Signature Pen, the ProMaster Archival Marking Pen, and the Slick Writer by American Crafts.


Available in Elements

Get Naked with no adhesive! In the style of a vintage album, naked pages allow you to recreate the past. Mount your prints old-school with adhesive corners, or create creative multi-media collage albums. For your wildly creative projects and perfect for those who want a complete DIY book. Great for a collection of photo booth images!