Type Cover Imprinting

By far, our most popular cover customization is with a traditional metal die imprinting (debossing), created when brass letter dies are stamped in the cover material and accented by your choice of a metallic foil. This style is elegant and traditional and is a perennial favorite for special occasions and milestones. Imprinting is inexpensive to create and apply and is available on nearly all Finao products.

Photographers often use typeset text to add names, dates, or other copy to your cover and spine. It is available in a choice of five fonts, different sizes, and seven colors of metallic foil or clear imprinting. Not all fonts will fit or look as intended on all album sizes. Please select your font carefully keeping the album size and imprint placement in mind.

Most cover materials accept imprinting, except where noted in our swatch images. Current materials that allow imprinting are Classic Leathers, Vegan Leathers, and the finer-textured Natural Linens & Fabrics. Thicker textured linens will accept impriinting but we do not recommend this as the nap of the fabric may cause the letters to flake over time. Velvet cannot accept imprinting but we offer laser-etching as an alternate.

Imprinting font choices include

Coronation (24 pt. 36 pt.) Fournier (18 pt. 24 pt.) Goudy Cursive (36 pt.) Modern (30 pt. 48 pt.) Pascal (36 pt.)

Choice of black, white, red, gold, silver, copper, and rose gold colored foils or clear.


  • Not all materials are compatible with traditional foil imprinting. Common examples are coarsely woven fabrics, velvets, and textured leathers. Practical alternatives are to imprint on the flyleaf, incorporate the personalization into the first-page design, or choose laser etching for velvet and hard surface covers.

  • Our standard imprinting location options can be limited by material and choice of cover design. Please consult our Cover Design Guide that illustrates where imprinting can appear on a given cover design. If you're interested in a custom imprinting location, contact us for a consult.

  • Typeset imprinting is case sensitive. We imprint all type EXACTLY as you entered on the order form. If you type your imprint in capital letters, we will imprint in all caps. Remember to include punctuation, especially for dates.

  • Cover imprinting is limited to two lines with a maximum of 30 characters and spaces per line. If you need something more, contact us for a custom consult. We do allow additional lines of imprinting by custom consult and where space allows.

  • Not all of our standard fonts will fit or look as intended on all album sizes. Please select your font carefully, keeping the album size and imprint placement in mind.

  • Our typeset fonts do include special, non-alphabetical characters commonly found on a keyboard. To avoid delays contact us to check on specific availability BEFORE you place your order.


LRC - lower right corner of the cover, at least 1 inch from the bottom or side edges.

VRC - vertical right, centered along the cover edge. The type will run vertically, at least 1" from the cover edge.

VC - visual center - this is the cover title position, centered on the cover panel slightly above the mid-point. If there is a cover stripe in the design, a VC imprint will be centered within the largest whole section of the main cover material.

CS - centered on the stripe accent of the design. The text must fit fully within the accent stripe. Orient all designs must correctly.