Wood Veneer Cover

The timeless beauty of natural wood creates album covers, accent stripes, custom cover lining, and boxes that never go out of style, coordinating well with changing decor. Our current selection of classic woods includes natural honey bamboo, ash-blonde birch, warm cherry, and cool, dark walnut. All have a fine-grained, smooth-textured finish.

Or choose the casual, rustic feel of Barnwood. These veneers have an aged, weathered appearance with the distressed style and raised-grain texture of reclaimed wood. Our current selection of Barnwood includess natural Grey Oak, Brown Oak, and deeper Smoked Oak shades.

  • A selection of wood tones and finishes
  • Available as an album cover panel or accent stripe, or custom cover lining (classic woods only).
  • Also available as a whole box cover, or base or lid only
  • Choose any material for your album spine & back (we recommend leather for stability and durability)
  • Available on ONE™ and nextONE™ albums sizes 8x8" and up, Chelsea™ boxes sized 8x10", and Casa™ matted print box
  • Compatible with square spine cover styles (Signature or Modern)
  • Laser etching and engraving available.

Wood Veneer Care:

  • Vacuum or use a soft brush to remove dust or particles.
  • Condition with a purchased wood cleaner or wipe with a soft cloth lightly dampened with a mixture of olive oil, white vinegar, and water.
  • Wipe spills immediately to prevent watermarks. Gently dry with the lowest setting of a hairdryer for a few seconds, moving the airflow to prevent overheating the wood.
  • Avoid storing near heating vents or fireplaces. During colder months, a humidifier or nearby container of water will prevent moisture loss.

Laser-etching is available on wood veneer covers and accents with your .jpg text or image file.The templates for cover panels and stripes are included in the zip files for each product. You can find these on our Templates & Design Guides feature page.