Custom Cover Dies - Unique Graphic Imprinting for Albums

Make your ONE™ or nextONE™ album cover stand out with custom cover imprint. Custom dies can be made to recreate almost any graphic design. Creatively upsell your clients with a die imprint that will be meaningful. Think of a die as an album tattoo. What design is truly personal for your client and will evoke lasting positive emotions and memories?

Create a custom cover die to imprint your client's design, monogram, or corporate logo in sizes from 2x2" to 8x10". Create for one-time use, or keep it on file for future.

Imprinting creates a debossed depression that is accented by your choice of a metallic foil. Choose from any of our standard foil colors of black, white, red, gold, silver, copper, rose gold, or in clear.

Most cover materials accept imprinting, except where noted in our swatch images. We imprint albums on the front cover; imprinting locations vary for other products.

Dies must be ordered on the order form of your ONE™ or nextONE™ album.

Please let us know if you'd like the die shipped to you with your order, or if you prefer we keep it on file for future use. Custom cover dies are a luxury upgrade and can only be applied to ONE™ and nextONE™ album orders.

Turnaround times can vary depending on product type and time of year
*Due to moving our production to Michigan, we are experiencing longer than normal turnaround times


Custom Cover Die Imprinting

Create a custom and unique album cover with a custom metal die imprint.

Imprinting creates a debossed depression that is accented by your choice of a metallic foil. Custom dies start at a totally affordable $50, and may be sized up to 8x10". If you like, we'll keep it on file for you, and every future use is just $20. What an inexpensive way to reinforce repeat sessions for business customers.

Choose from any of our standard imprinting foil colors of black, white, red, gold, silver, copper, rose gold, or just a clear imprint. Contact us if your album needs something a little different. We traditionally place the imprint on the front of the album cover; please contact us if you'd like something different.

Custom Die Guidelines

  • Artwork must be solid black & white (no gradients)
  • The recommended die size for most albums is 2x4"
  • Use a TIF file format at 300 PPI
  • Files should not exceed 2MB
  • Die set-up fee starts at $50 for a minimum 2x2" die. Add $10 per each additional inch
  • Ready to use in 7-10 business days
  • Imprint your die on any product you order for just $5
  • Now that was EASY!

The best dies have clean, solid, black and white artwork; shading, screened areas, or gradients will not reproduce well. Heavy black areas, very fine lines, and ornate fonts do not imprint well. We recommend you use a moderate outline for the best results. To maximize your die's lifespan, do not include information that may change over time (e.g., phone number).

We will check your artwork before making the die, and let you know if there may be problems. We want you to look your best but cannot guarantee the results on any design. If you have ANY questions, please contact us before you submit your order so we can avoid disappointments.

If this is your first custom die with Finao, please create your design and submit it BEFORE adding the other items to your shopping cart. The "imprint with cover die" option will then appear in a product's order form. Once you have ordered a cover die once, the option to "imprint with studio die" will automatically become available for each new order.