Warranty & Repairs

Finao takes pride in every album and product we make and guarantee its quality. We train our team with the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship and employ thorough quality control processes. Our products are custom orders and we cannot accept them for return or exchange.


Occasionally, though, things happen.

A spot of glue splashed on a print, and we missed it in QC. Your shipping box sat under a TV for two days while in transit. Version-control demons accidentally uploaded your second-last set of spreads. Your client forgot to mention their burning desire for imprinting. Their beagle chewed on the corner of the album, because… well… leather.

All these things happen, but with a small percentage of our orders, and we strive to minimize problems.

If any of these happen to you, don’t panic. We can fix it.

We guarantee our materials and craftsmanship and will repair or replace any faulty product free of charge, including shipping charges. That includes any product not made according to your confirmed order.

If the error happens on your end, we have very reasonable fees for the repair of most issues. We will ask for photos to assess the type of damage, determine the needed repairs, and supply a quote for the work.

If we both contributed to the problem, we will split the resulting cost with you. Every flaw is unique, and we determine the charge reasonably and on a case by case basis.

Where to start?

Fixes always begin in the same place—contact Customer Service at 888-346-2687 or info@finao.com for an evaluation. We will do everything we can to correct the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible. We appreciate the chance to make things right.

  • All repairs or replacements must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA); our team will discuss the details with you and create a new order number and shipping labels. We include shipping instructions in the RMA email issued by customer service. Please do not send back returns or repairs without first obtaining an RMA. We will have no way to track your order.

  • We carefully inspect and pack your order before shipping. Please open and check your order as soon as possible. If damage occurs in transit, please retain all packaging and notify us promptly.

  • We will always ask about the details of the flaw or error so that we can investigate and track the causes for quality improvement. We may ask you to send a photograph in support of your claim. Usually, we will require you to ship the damaged or incorrect product to us, at our expense, for analysis.

  • We give repairs attention and priority but, depending on the problem, they can take some time to complete. Please allow the ordinary turn-around time for a full remake and 5-10 business days for completion of a repair.

  • If any defect in material or workmanship develops we will repair or replace your product free of charge. Problems related to normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and misuse do not qualify. These include damage caused by improper storage in extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or damp or wet conditions.


We want you and your client to be thrilled with your order; it helps to begin with realistic expectations.

The Nature of Handmade Products

Our albums are consistent in their design and execution, but any handmade product will, by its nature, have minor variations from one piece to another. We recommend that you order matching items or sets at the same time to ensure uniformity. The same team members will make them from single batches of material and will have the benefit of visual comparison.

A possible variation is especially true of photographic printing. Although we calibrate our printers frequently and to exacting standards, slight variations in color and saturation can occur between prints made at different times. It is not realistic to expect albums ordered six months apart to have indistinguishable printing. If you need or want this degree of image precision, please order these products at the same time.

The Realities of Leather

Genuine leather covers are luxurious and beautiful. Along with durability, it is individuality that gives the leather its appeal and distinguishes it from synthetic products. We buy only quality, sustainably sourced hides from US-based suppliers.

As leather is a natural material, the appearance of each album may show variation in texture, grain, marking, and density. There may be small natural inclusions, wrinkles, or scars. Our vendors generally provide a consistent product, but color or appearance may vary slightly between production batches or when cut from different areas of the hide. We selectively cut and position the leather to enhance its appearance, but each piece is naturally unique.

For the most dependable results, please select cover materials from our physical swatch kits. Although we are making efforts to improve the precision of our digital swatches, the appearance of online images is not precise or consistent on different screens and devices. They are not as reliable as a basis for choice.

We stand behind the materials and craftmanship in Finao products and build every album to last a lifetime.