What's New at Finao?

We want to keep bringing you new options and innovations, but the detail can be difficult to keep up with. We all get a lot of email and miss some from time to time. Or maybe it's been a little while since you visited us.

Here's our keep-it-simple way for you to come up to speed with everything Finao has to offer. We'll list chages and developments here, with the most recent at the top. Whenever you visit you can check out this page to see if you missed anything that is important to your studio.

When It Happened The Kind of Change What You Need to Know
2021 New Product Introducing the MUSE BOX SET. Our beautiful mid-range MUSE album in a classic clamshell box at an attractive package price.
Launch New Product You can order the same classic Clamshell album box from the MUSE box set with any other album model.
Launch Product Change We are retiring the ArtONE product name only. Both our photo paper and fine art paper flush mount styles will be known as the ONE. Simply choose your usual fine-art option from the ONE paper choices.
Launch Product Change We are retiring the Bohoproduct name only. Both our matted album styles will now be known as the NextONE. Simply choose from our two mat styles on the order form—Overlay (former NextONE) or Page Mount (former Boho).
Launch New Product Option Our Tribeca™ box can now be ordered as a custom-sized album box. Tribeca's™ acrylic cover makes the most of album cover image upgrades, keeping them protected but always on display.
2021 New Product Option You can now order a high capacity ONE™ with more than 50 spreads. We will automatically craft up to 80 spread/160 page albums with a slightly thinner, 6pt page substrate to manage your album's size and weight. We refer to this page weight as "Slim". Contact info@finao.com to order this option.
Launch New Product Option ONE pages of any weight (thick, medium, or slim) are now available in your choice of black or white substrate. Indulge your preference for our signature zebra pages or classic white.
Launch Swatches We have new online and downloadable swatch images with more true-to-life color. We hope this helps inform your customers who prefer to choose their covers remotely (we still recommend using actual swatches whenever possible).
Launch New Product Last year we introduced a USB box to match your album exactly. We now can add a matching Preview box to your packages; they accommodate up to 150 4x6" or 5x7" loose prints.
2021 Swatches Wisteria leather was discontinued by our vendor and was not replaced. We're planning a partial swatch collection refresh for January 2022, so please contact us with your thoughts on new colors.
Launch Product Name Change The Tag-Along-Tote is now more simply the Tote. It's equally useful for carrying and delivering albums and boxes.
2021 Policy Change Our Design Service policies have a few changes. We priced it help you with most standard orders. Album designs with special needs will be considered separately.
Changes you may have missed during the COVID saga
2020 New Sizes Our nextONE page-mount style matted albums (formerly Boho) are now available in smaller sizes. The 8x8", 8x10" and 10x10" are perfect for single mat per page applications such as portraits, seniors, and boudoir.
2020 Swatches Rothschild leather was discontinued by our vendor and was replaced by Merlot leather. In September 2020 we mailed replacement swatches to all customers with our v2019 swatch kits; please contact us if you didn't receive yours.
2020 Product Change You can now add our playPAL mini duplicate album to a ONE, MUSE, or playbook order. And no minimum quantity!
Pre-launch New Sizes Solo wall art is now available in a 20x30 size It is slightly thinner than our traditional ICE™ Solo to accommodate the weight of the larger piece.