Solo™ - Collection of Luxury Floating Wall Art

Our Solo™ line of luxury wall art is for the client who regards your work as a masterpiece and wants the presentation to match.

Solo™ lets you offer unique, museum-quality visuals. The recessed matte black framing and offset design floats your image above the wall, pairing well with accent lighting for an elegant and slender look. Choose Solo™ in the one of four distinct finishes that best complements your work.

Solo™ combines Finao effects with simple elegance for a high level of aesthetic appeal. These craftsman pieces are well-constructed, highlighting the work of our artistically skilled printers who preserve the captivating appeal of your subject. Solo™ comes ready to hang with installed sawtooth hardware.

Make a statement with Solo™, elegant wall art that is in a class of its own.

See below to choose the Solo™ style that makes the best of your image. Click any option image for more detail.

Turnaround times can vary depending on product type and time of year
*Due to moving our production to Michigan, we are experiencing longer than normal turnaround times

Size & Orientation

Choose from our range of standard wall-art sizes. Don’t see what you need? Contact us for a custom consult.

Solo Options

Your clients want a memory that reflects their individuality. Be the photographer who transforms unique images into a decorative piece of art. We offer common finish choices with luxury style and construction. Perfect for your clients who want to adorn their home with something beyond the ordinary.

With Solo™, create a truly personalized display piece with one of four beautiful, high-impact finish styles.

ICE™ Acrylic
Image courtesy of Danny Dong Photography

ICE™ Acrylic

Solo™ ICE™ is a cut above typical acrylic wall art. It shines through a clear, 1/4" acrylic panel with a Fuji Metallic Pearl metallic print bonded to the underside. The stunningly natural color and crisp detail make your subjects glow with depth and life. These images catch your eye with a higher contrast that exaggerates highlights and shadows. ICE™ has beautifully finished beveled edges, is scratch resistant, and cleans easily. Although four times thicker than most acrylic wall art, the floating image design makes our ICE™ Solo ™ light and more visually elegant.

Armour™ Metal
Image courtesy of LP Photography

Armour™ Metal

Solo™ Armour™ is a brushed aluminum panel with a metallic print emulsion applied. Armour™ creates a metal finish with a matte, art-paper like depth and richness instead of shine. This method is high contrast and will exaggerate highlights and shadows lending a modern industrial appearance. The extra thickness makes Armour™ rugged, durable, and resistant to scratches and dents. We finish it with a protective coating for long-lasting permanence.

Erotika™ Metal
Image courtesy of Imagine Photography

Erotika™ Metal

Create a conversation piece with this unique-finish metal. The image inks are printed directly on brushed aluminum, absorbing into the surface and revealing raw metal texture and highlights. Erotika™ adds an ethereal look to photo-realism.

Image courtesy of Imagine Photography


Solo™ takes natural canvas wall art to the next level. We hand wrap premium fine art canvas on a quality metal panel to create a streamlined piece with this classic natural texture. Perfect for clients who want the look of canvas without a blocky frame.

Studio Samples

Sample products are one of your best investments. There is no better way to present your quality work and sales options to prospective clients. The reality is that you can't sell what you don't show. A client will fall in love once they can see and hold your work in a beautiful finished product and imagine themselves as part of it. Many wall art brands look similar online; when they see and touch Finao products in person, the differences in quality and craftsmanship becomes obvious.

To help make this happen, we offer generous studio sample discounts on almost every Finao product when you need them, 365 days a year. That's 25% off our regular prices for up to one Solo™ of each finish type in a calendar year. We never make you wait for a sample sale, although sometimes we sweeten the deal with one.

Sample products are imprinted with STUDIO SAMPLE and are not for resale to your clients or for personal use.

See Your Work in Our Samples

We create samples of Finao products to display on our website, in advertising, and for you to see in person at tradeshows and conferences. We design these with the beautiful images shared by you, our Finao family. We love to show off your amazing talent!

If we ask your permission to create samples with your images, we will always credit your work and treat them with respect. If you love Finao and would like to share your images, let us know, and we are happy to consider them for sample display.